Anterior means forward-facing and, when it comes to tiles, terrazzo, stone and porcelain, Anterior XL exists at the cutting-edge of design. Our world-class materials, technical expertise and exacting methodology are prized by leading architects, landscape architects and interior designers around Australia.

We work closely with our clients to ensure superlative outcomes – you might say we leave no stone unturned. And while we specialise in multifaceted commercial and civic buildings, we are also committed to creating memorable and liveable domestic spaces. For exteriors and interiors with polish, you can rely on Anterior XL.

Deep Series

Just the right balance of colour

Stone-effect inserts merging with concrete

Imagine stone-effect inserts merging with concrete. This is the contemporary look rich in evocation of nature that Deep has created. The colours are just the right balance to create an ever-lasting look and opens up the designer to a world of options.

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Deep Sugar Tiles

Restyle Series

A modern style of concrete

Reminiscent of cement spread by hand

Restyle, a modern style of concrete, a warmth that is shared with six colours. The range is reminiscent of cement spread by hand. Restyle tiles are evocative of the most modern, industrial style, bringing cosy inviting allure to surfaces.

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Restyle White Tiles