Breaking the traditional concept of surfaces, Laminam® is a full body Italian porcelain panel, exclusively large in size with minimal thickness.

Laminam is remarkably strong and has a very high resistance to scratching and abrasion. Suitable for many indoor and outdoor applications, Laminam is produced using advanced technologies. It is easy to clean, resistant to frost, fire, mould and mildew, and the effect of UV rays.

The cutting-edge Laminam pressing system removes all traces of tension from the slabs, making it quicker and easier for fabrication and installation. There is a great degree of freedom and versatility to these revolutionary ceramic slabs, opening up an even wider variety of possible applications.

All the characteristics and chromatic properties of the slabs are unchanging and designed to stand the test of time in all atmospheric conditions. Laminam is a revolutionary slab that does not neglect environmental friendliness: natural raw materials, sustainable technology, entirely recyclable products are at the heart of Laminam’s green philosophy. Laminam also complies with AS1530.1.

With the porcelain panels’ size commencing at 1000x3000mm, the 3mm and 5mm thicknesses are perfect applications for walls, floors, cladding, and covering over existing surfaces. Laminam porcelain slabs also are available in 1620x3240mm with thicknesses of 5mm, 12mm and 20mm designed for the world of furnishings, from benchtops and horizontal surfaces to indoor/outdoor kitchens. Laminam is a great alternative to marble and stone.

Benefits of Laminam

Easy to clean and maintain
Laminam is simple, fast and easy to clean. Laminam has no special maintenance requirements as time goes by; generally speaking, all you need to clean the surface is warm water and a neutral detergent.

Suitable for contact with foodstuffs
Laboratory tests have proven that Laminam is totally compatible with foodstuffs, as it does not release elements in solution.

Impervious surface
Laminam surface porosity is 0.1% average.

Dimensional stability
Laminam is not subject to dimensional variations of any significance, as it has a low coefficient of thermal expansion.

Resistant to heat and high temperatures
Laminam does not contain any organic, materials therefore it is resistant to fire and high temperatures. In the event of fire, does not release smoke or toxic substances. Used as a kitchen benchtop, it is suitable for direct contact with hot surfaces, such as pots and pans.

Resistant to detergents and cleaning products**
Laminam is not affected by prolonged contact with normal household detergents, including products to eliminate grease or lime scale. It is extremely easy to clean while maintaining unaltered the characteristics of the surface.

Resistant to thermal shock
Sudden changes in outdoor temperature will not damage Laminam.

Resistant to UV rays, no alteration to colours
Laminam surface is not affected by exposure to UV light and will preserve its original good looks throughout its lifetime.

Resistant to scratches and abrasions**
Laminam is resistant to scratching and deep abrasion. Its properties do not change even if it is subjected to intensive use and frequent cleaning.

Hygienic surface
Laminam surfaces are ideal for application in places where maximum hygiene is needed.

Resistant to mould and fungi
Laminam does not allow mould, bacteria or fungi to grow.

Resistant to freeze-thaw
Laminam is frost resistant and suitable for any weather condition, thanks to its low average water absorption (0.1%).

Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications
Laminam can be used both for interior and exterior décor. Weathering exposure does not damage or alter surfaces.

Resistant to staining**
Laminam is not affected by prolonged contact with products commonly found in the kitchen that can cause staining, such as wine, coffee, olive oil or lemon juice, and its colour or shine will not be affected permanently.

Resistant to chemicals, acids, alkalis and solvents**
Laminam is not affected to organic and inorganic solvents, chemical and disinfectants. The only chemical that can damage porcelain is hydrofluoric acid.

Resistant to humidity
The porcelain surface of Laminam is not affected by long-term humidity.

Resistant to deflection
Laminam has a high modulus of rupture.

Graffiti proof
Laminam is the first graffiti proof porcelain surface; it is easy to clean and even the strongest paints can be easily removed.

Eco-friendly and recyclable
Laminam is a product made of 100% natural materials. It does not release any elements into the environment and can be easily milled and recycled in other manufacturing processes.

About Laminam

Vision and Mission

Laminam create superior surfaces to inspire designers, architects and people in shaping places to live, work and enjoy.

Thanks to their talented people, Laminam set trends of elegance and quality using state of the art technologies to ensure timeless products, exceptional performance and sustainable processes.

Shaping the world of tomorrow

For years Laminam has committed itself to an innovation-centred approach towards the ancient material of porcelain. They have led it into the future, reinventing and perfecting production processes that enhance its performance. Laminam have brought to life surfaces that have no applicative limits thanks to their selection of sizes and thicknesses.

This is further enriched by qualitative perfection, stemming from Laminam’s tireless research into raw materials and state-of-the-art technologies.

The result is a wide range of versatile surfaces that can be successfully applied in different settings, for a new redefinition of spaces, redesigned in the name of beauty, modernity and sustainable processes.

One of the cornerstones of Laminam is attention towards the environment that surrounds us and the people who inhabit it. Laminam dedicate the utmost attention to the selection of raw materials, which are all natural and with the highest standards, to guarantee the utmost quality and hygiene.

At Laminam every single staff member plays a determining role towards the achievement of objectives. This is why Laminam pays particular attention to the well-being of its employees and invests in continuous learning. The high technological level of production processes is upheld by highly qualified staff.

All this, combined with a safe and stimulating work environment, culminates in the creation of perfect surfaces that inspire architects and designers at a global level.

Aesthetics and Ethics

There can be no aesthetic and technological perfection without respect for the environment and the people. This is why an ethical, holistic and responsible approach towards industrial activities is one of the essential pillars of Laminam.

Laminam produces architectural surfaces made of natural materials, guaranteeing quality, safety and sustainability.

Thanks to state-of-the-art technologies and closed-cycle production processes, Laminam characterised by low energy and water consumption, zero polluting emissions and reduced CO2 emissions, with nothing other than water vapour emitted into the atmosphere.

Laminam is committed to enhancing every single professional so that they excel, by means of continuous training on materials and machinery, with particular focus not only on occupational safety, but also on creating a peaceful and stimulating environment at the company, congenial to professional and human growth.

Research and Technology

Laminam’s research starts by drawing inspiration from nature, from what it makes available, as a provider of both design stimuli and raw materials; for the creation of products of high craftsmanship while employing sustainable industrial processes.

Constant evolution in technology and an ongoing propensity to raise the quality of the product give Laminam surfaces superior performance.

Precision, innovation, research and respect for the environment combined with the exploration of new creative possibilities, make Laminam a constantly evolving company, ready to bring increasingly refined products to the market, able to combine aesthetic perfection with technology and guarantee a wide range of stylistic and application possibilities.

Supporting Creativity

For outdoor or indoor applications, in interior design, Laminam slabs transform into true furnishing surfaces. The wide range and versatility of uses for Laminam in Australia inspire project applications and new customised building forms. Choose Anterior XL to supply Laminam in Sydney or throughout Australia.

About Anterior XL

Anterior means forward-facing and, when it comes to natural stone, terrazzo, tiles and porcelain, Anterior XL exists at the cutting-edge of design. Our world-class materials, technical expertise and exacting methodology are prized by leading architects, landscape architects and interior designers around Australia.

Anterior XL is a Laminam® supplier in Sydney and throughout Australia, and is the exclusive importer and distributor of Laminam in NSW. These revolutionary large-scale porcelain slabs from Italy offer limitless applications, from monumental facades to residential flourishes. We also source natural stone, terrazzo slabs and porcelain tiles from acclaimed global suppliers.

Anterior XL partners with prominent developers, including Mirvac, Lendlease Group and John Holland, and our materials have been utilised in landmark projects including ICC Sydney, The University of Sydney Business School and Bankwest Stadium in Western Sydney.

We work closely with our clients to ensure superlative outcomes – you might say we leave no stone unturned. And while we specialise in multifaceted commercial and civic buildings, we are also committed to creating memorable and liveable domestic spaces. For exteriors and interiors with polish, you can rely on Anterior XL.

Laminam Applications

The idea of being able to use a hard-wearing product like Laminam in Australian homes and buildings is incredibly exciting for architects, interior designers and homeowners alike – and the list of applications it can be used for is quite astounding. There are numerous areas where Laminam porcelain slabs can be used, both indoors and outdoors, with no special sealing or treatment required. Here are a few of the most common applications for Laminam in Australia:

Laminam Blend Series

Lightweight solidity

The material texture of cement combined with the versatility of ceramics

Laminam Blend is a cornerstone series of the Laminam philosophy. Textured material surfaces, inspired by cement, generate a striking play of voids and solids, completed by a range of supremely classic and balanced colours. The sheer majesty of black, the versatility of grey and the harmony of ivory. Porcelain slabs that fill the eye with a strong visual impact, with surfaces that are strikingly soft to the touch.

Today Laminam Blend it is still one of the most highly appreciated series in Italy and abroad, due to its ability to add personality whenever applied to interior and exterior settings.

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Blend Nero Laminam
Blend Nero Laminam

Laminam Calce Series

The elegance of simplicity

Soft and suffused surfaces reminiscent of freshly plastered walls

The Laminam Calce series is characterised by surfaces that are reminiscent of plastered walls, or industrial cement. A sensation of simplicity and great style, a soft appearance, is one of the great characteristics of this range. Laminam Calce has a suffused texture, just like a freshly plastered wall.

Nuances range from delicate, almost impalpable tones, like Avorio or Bianco, to more bold hues like Antracite or Nero. The variety and characteristics of these surfaces make them particularly suitable for expressing your creativity, both in terms of texture and colour.

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Calce Grigio Laminam
Calce Grigio Laminam

Laminam Collection Series

The power of colour

Collection focuses on full-body nuances to redefine spaces

Today, Laminam’s first-ever and longest-living range is still one of its most highly appreciated ones. The surfaces of Laminam Collection are characterised by a highly intense, through-body colour, used to express settings in a new way, combining different nuances for cladding and furnishing accessories.

A classically inspired series in which surfaces, whose colours are defined in this way, are used to fill spaces and volumes, enriched by an original touch thanks to polished finishing.

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Collection Nero Assoluto Laminam
Collection Nero Assoluto Laminam

Laminam Filo Series

Play of lights on ceramic surface

Filo for a remarkable visual and tactile impact

A thread infinitely repeated in a succession of weave, suggesting to the eye and the touch. This is the concept at the heart of the Laminam Filo series. Porcelain slabs almost appear to embrace metal skin. The warp of the texture captures the gaze with its plays of light and astonishes when touched.

Metals and other occurring shiny elements inspire colours in the range. Precious metals like gold or silver feature alongside nuances that bring us back down to everyday life, such as cast iron or the cold and streaked white of frost.

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Filo Argento Laminam
Filo Argento Laminam

Laminam FluidoSolido Series

Between sea and land

FluidoSolido plays on mutually completing contrasts

Laminam FluidoSolido has a surface combining the depth of the sea with the bedrock solidity of land. It plays on the complementary nature of contrasts. The very name of the Laminam FluidoSolido series aims to express how opposites can create original balances.

A special surface, a unique product, exclusively in colour blue and on a polished finish, conceived to move and obtained by means of the controlled expansion of filtered pigments. Slabs engage in dialogue with each other as well as with materials and settings where they are applied, almost turning them into architectonic ecosystems.

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Fluidosolido Blu Laminam
Fluidosolido Blu Laminam

Laminam Fokos Series

The strength of ancient elements

Fokos draws inspiration from primordial materials linked to the earth

Roccia (rock), Rena (sand), Terra (land), Sale (salt) and Piombo (lead). Materials as old as the Earth, that helped humanity take its first steps and remain essential to its very existence. The Laminam Fokos series draws inspiration from their colours, so natural and soft, expressing an ideal of timeless beauty.

An almost velvety tactile perception accompanies the visual effect. Architectonic surfaces conceived not to furnish, but to welcome, capable of enhancing settings in which they feature alongside warm, freely matchable shades.

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Fokos Piombo Laminam
Fokos Piombo Laminam

Laminam I Naturali Series

Nature, by the book

A series inspired by great Italian architectonic tradition

A series inspired by nature and expressed in all its beauty. Laminam I Naturali proposes surfaces that evoke stones of great Italian architectonic tradition: marble, travertine, basalts. Materials that captivate geniuses the likes of Michelangelo and delight the eyes of the beholder, also thanks to finishings that astonish with their texture, enabling the creation of surfaces with remarkable aesthetic continuity.

Surfaces inspired by a canon of classic beauty, unscathed by the passing of the centuries, expressed on large-sized porcelain surfaces and in different finishings to convey the same sense of solemnity, combined with a new redefinition of spaces.

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I Naturali Nero Greco Laminam
I Naturali Nero Greco Laminam

Laminam IN-SIDE Series

Material beyond material

A new body and surface continuity

Laminam IN-SIDE is the future. Laminam has taken a further step forward with this series. The main feature is the body and surface continuity, enriching the architectonic slab with great aesthetic impact. It is laden with the tactile perception of natural stones, like Porfido, Pietra Piasentina and Pietra di Cardoso, renowned since ancient times for their resistance and used over the centuries to embellish buildings and streets of historic Italian town centres.

The concept of front-back is also transcended, thanks to IN-SIDE technology. The surface is usable and enjoyable in its totality. This quality makes it even more ductile, suitable for architecture and interior design professionals looking for the utmost freedom, safe in the knowledge that the result will seamlessly combine technical excellence with refined elegance.

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IN-SIDE Pietra Piasentina Taupe Laminam
IN-SIDE Pietra Piasentina Taupe Laminam

Laminam Kanka Series

Nature transferred onto three-dimensional surfaces

A series inspired by the shimmering shades of oxidised metals

The hallmark feature of the Laminam Kanka series is the textures, reminiscent of autumn leaves, a symbol of regeneration, with fluctuating nature transferred onto three-dimensional surfaces in which the texture bears the traces of traditional Japanese origami techniques, combined in an endless variety of ways.

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Kanka Brown Laminam
Kanka Brown Laminam

Laminam Kotan Series

Architectural tradition of Kyoto

A series inspired by the matt surfaces of raw concrete

With all the minimalist allure of the architectural tradition of Kyoto, the inspiration for the Kotan series comes from the matt surfaces of raw concrete. The material textures strike a perfect balance between the essential nature of Japanese culture and the craftsmanship techniques for macerating washi paper, giving the surface a calm, pure appearance.

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Kotan Grey Laminam
Kotan Grey Laminam

Laminam Legno Venezia Series

Expression of elegance

The wood varieties that made Venice great

The inspiration for the Laminam Legno Venezia surfaces is support poles and mooring posts, the very skeleton on which Venice built its glory. The result is a design heralding the patterns of wood, expressed in three soft tonalities, particularly appreciated for furnishing accessories.

Laminam Legno Venezia offers a highly sophisticated aesthetic result in which the ductility of porcelain material enables the seamless combination of ancient material in applications that confer a unique sense of personality upon settings.

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Legno Venezia Fumo Laminam
Legno Venezia Fumo Laminam

Laminam Metalli Series

The look of aged metal

Reminiscent of age-old materials such as iron, brass, copper and bronze

With texture evoking diamond plate, the distressed, oxidised look is both industrial and luxurious thanks to tones of iron, brass, copper, and bronze.

The surfaces come alive and pay homage to the traditional metal craftsmanship of yesterday, made possible by the technology of today. Changes in gloss refract light for a multidimensional surface sure to bring interest to any space.

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Metalli Plumbeo Laminam
Metalli Plumbeo Laminam

Laminam Ossido Series

Let time speak for itself

The artisan tradition of iron

Let time stand still on surfaces, immortalise colour in the moment of its utmost splendour. Simulate the effects that atmospheric agents have imprinted upon a ubiquitous material of natural ecosystems: iron.

Surfaces that immortalise the signs of time, creating highly textural effects enhanced by light, which plays a fundamental role. Laminam Ossido is a series of porcelain slabs embellished with an artistic note, with colour shades reminiscent of the work of artisans, oriented towards a modern and minimalist aesthetic concept.

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Ossido Nero Laminam
Ossido Nero Laminam

Laminam Oxide Series

The infinite possibilities of metals

Oxide originates from the study of materials exposed to the elements

Laminam Oxide series showcases the effects of atmospheric agents and consequent ageing processes of inspiring materials represented in their static form on porcelain surfaces. The secret of its aesthetic result is to capture material in a precise moment of its life on the slab.

Profound porcelain experimentation that confers extreme ductility upon slabs expressed in nuances ranging from classical, composed aesthetics to more visionary ones. All united by a three-dimensionality that confers a sophisticated allure upon settings.

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Oxide Moro Laminam
Oxide Moro Laminam

Laminam Rigato Series

Corrugated surface in a strict strip

A series of new textures as a unity of opposites

A new modification of the previous version, the same corrugated surface, a strict strip. New textures as a unity of opposites are presented in deep black – Rigato Graphite, and in white like ‘snow in the metropolis’ – Rigato Neve. In this collection, special attention is paid to texture – the relief of the slabs, which makes the space tangible and sophisticated.

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Rigato Neve Laminam
Rigato Neve Laminam

Laminam Seta Series

As precious as fabric

Seta captivates in virtue of its material texture and sparkle

Laminam Seta is embodied by an endlessly repeated silk thread, as if to form an intertwining of fabric, changing according to how the light reflects on the surface and with an accentuated tactile perception.

These are elegant and adaptable porcelain slabs, ready to engage in dialogue with other materials – wood above all else. Laminam Seta has colours characterised by great delicacy, capable of creating profoundly suggestive solutions.

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Seta Liquorice Laminam
Seta Liquorice Laminam